Design for Leading

The Design for Leading is the signature assessment tool designed and used by Holonomy Consulting to assess leadership practices on the school in five key research-based dimensions. The tool supports goal setting and targeted leadership development work for individuals and teams.

Leadership Development

Tailoring learning experiences to meet the specific needs of the leaders individually and as a team.

  • Leadership needs assessment

  • Leadership learning design and facilitation

  • Individual coaching

Aspiring Leader Development

Developing the skills, mindsets, and behaviors in tomorrows leaders.

  • Individualized Leadership Development plans

  • Real-time coaching and development

  • Case-study and role-play based learning

Case Study

The Challenge

Principal leadership had primarily been operationally focused for a system of schools. Classroom instruction lacked rigor and teachers were carrying the academic lift rather than students. Principals didn’t see these gaps.

The Solution

We honed principal’s instructional lens by analyzing exemplar videos together, adopting a common observational tool, doing walkthroughs of each other’s schools, and by comparing academic outcomes to classroom observation data.

The Outcome

Leaders became clear about the core tenets of instructional excellence. Two schools adopted the observation tool with their instructional coaches. Teacher PD became focused on planning towards rigor and academic lift.

Mariah was one of the most supportive and effective people that I have ever worked under. Mariah was able to give me the hard feedback that I needed to improve my practice while also building my confidence to be a school leader. Her professional development was engaging and targeted the specific gaps that I had in my individual development. Under Mariah, I knew that she always believed it was her responsibility to help me become a school leader. It was this passion and dedication that really motivated me to work with her and grow my own capacity.

Alyssa O’Grady

PrincipalRedondo Beach Unified School District

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