Creating Space for Everyone

We firmly believe that through community collaboration, solutions to any challenge can be discovered. Mariah Cone’s firsthand experience underscores this conviction as she has guided educators, school leaders, and organizations toward transformative outcomes by fostering active engagement within communities. Together, we can unlock the collective wisdom and power needed to overcome obstacles and achieve organizational goals.

The Process

The journey begins with a meticulous exploration of the group’s intended purpose, drawing insights from prospective participants and aligning them with the organization’s goals. Holonomy Consulting designs the collaborative space, taking into account the optimal frequency, duration, and structures necessary for a meaningful experience. Our skilled facilitators employ various grouping structures to nurture relationships and cultivate an environment conducive to growth and innovative solutions.


  • Purpose Driven

  • Equity Centered

  • Collaborative

Once the community is established, Holonomy Consulting regularly checks in with an advisory committee to ensure that the format and approach of the collaboration is meeting the needs and staying close to the goals of the group.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients…


“What I appreciated most about Mariah’s facilitation was her intentionality around continuously centering humanity in the space. She created moments that fostered vulnerability, healthy risk-taking, and promoted equity. I hope others get to experience the way all processes could feel, through working with Mariah.

Mark Boswell, Board Member Challenge Success


“The convening was – once again – amazing. Reflecting on the holding and ceding power was very meaningful. The opportunities to dialogue with colleagues during the convening are very engaging and energizing, especially with such meaningful material.”

Middle Years Math Community of Practice Participant

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