Collaborative Solutions

We work in partnership with clients to understand their needs and the problems they are trying to solve. At Holonomy, we believe that the answers to the most intractable problems lie within the people in the organization.  Our facilitation techniques, protocols, and focused collaborative processes help teams unlock talent, ideas, and human strengths.  We enable teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively to improve organization processes and outcomes.

In addition to supporting your team to solve important challenges, our goal is also to leave behind key methods, protocols, and collaborative structures that can be replicated and used by your team to solve other challenges in the future.

Case Study

The Challenge

The C-Suite Team was working in a siloed manner characterized by infighting and competition which gummed up their ability to lead and make decisions.

The Solution

Mariah used empathy interviews and facilitated a process for the team to hear from each other, unpack what was happening and build better practices.  Individuals became more self-aware and focused on improving their contribution to a healthy culture.

The Outcome

Through a series of culture healing experiences, the team rebounded and improved their experience and interdependence.

Kudos from our Clients

Mariah helped our team work through some rather common yet very challenging interpersonal dynamics in the workplace. Mariah is a great listener. What I appreciated the most about her work was that she really customized a journey to address our particular set of concerns. I serve as my organization’s Chief Officer of Equity and Inclusion. 

Mariah worked with me to assure that her efforts were complimentary of mine and kept me engaged in her planning process to assure alignment. Mariah is an excellent facilitator as well. Our team simply loved working with Mariah as she is as pleasant as she is skilled. The work that we hired Mariah to do was done at the highest level of our organization. The most important thing I can say is that Mariah left us in a MUCH better place than she found us and increased our capacity to continue the work she started.

Steven Becton

Chief Officer, Equity & Inclusion
Facing History & Ourselves

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