Our Work

We specialize in tailor-made solutions with the aim of fostering a fairer and more equal society. Inequality stems from deliberate design and can be reimagined.

We meet organizations where they are and tailor our approach

to the problem they are trying to solve.


We collaborate with people and groups, adapting our methods to fit the specific challenges and stepping in to provide expertise where needed.

Leadership Development

We train leaders to possess the attitudes, expertise, and abilities needed to build highly effective and inclusive schools for all learners.

Facilitating Community

We create shared spaces where groups of people can learn, solve problems together, and support each other as valuable resources.

Strategic Planning

We hone organizational systems, structures, and approaches to help them reach their goals faster and with greater success.

The Holonomy Ethos

The Holonomy Ethos

Equity Centered Support

We offer a wide range of additional educational services

  • Organizational health: climate and culture
  • Qualitative research: interviews, focus groups, and survey design and analysis
  • Teacher professional learning communities
  • Leader networks
  • Leader pipeline design; systems and session design
  • Equity design principles

Our Ideal Partners

Our Ideal Partners

People Are Talking…

“Mariah is a great partner and leader – thorough, reflective, and authentic in her approach to work and relationships. She remembers the details that matter and takes the lead while being inclusive in driving project goals.”

Nakeia Drummond, NLD Strategic

“Mariah is a thoughtful, reflective, intuitive and process-oriented facilitator. As a white woman, she has powerfully modeled what it looks like to engage in equity-centered work, which speaks to the deep inner work that is necessary to unpack her own racial identity and experiences. As a consultant, Mariah is able to weave together both her expertise as a researcher and in adult learning to design impactful equity-centered processes.”

Emily Roh

“Mariah is a gifted facilitator, designer, and sense-maker. I have left every interaction with her a better leader and person.”

Shyam Kumar